Danish trademark Joha represents top Scandinavian quality and only offers good and the best products. The selection of Joha includes clothing and accessories for women, men, and children, from underwear and socks to comfortable leisurewear and functional base layers. The products of Joha are characterised by uncompromised quality, highest grade wool, perfect fit, and eye-catching design. Joha is very responsible for environmentally productions methods. Our products have OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 certification, EU Eco-label and Woolmark certified. Joha wool is free from mulesing, and we place a high priority on ensuring the animals are treated well.

Merino wool

Merino wool is a breathing material which leads moisture away from your body, ensuring maximum comfort and keeping your body dry and warm. Thanks to the heat conductivity, the items of clothing made of Merino wool adjust your body temperature naturally and prevent sweating. 

Merino wool / cotton

Merino wool/cotton is an excellent choice if you have sensitive skin or if you desire the familiar feel of cotton against your body. The products made of the combination of Merino wool and cotton are 100% cotton on the inside and 100% Merino wool on the outside. The fabric feels soft against the skin and is pleasant thanks to the organic cotton fibres, while the external layer still guarantees all great characteristics of wool.

Merino wool / bamboo

The combination of Merino wool and bamboo is ideal for those suffering from allergies. The material is 100% organic, boasts antibacterial characteristics, and dries quickly. Bamboo fibres feel like silk or soft cotton to the touch; thus, this material can be used to make very comfortable underwear. In addition to other useful features, bamboo fibres protect you and your child from the sun, reflecting back UV rays. This makes clothing made of Merino wool and bamboo fibres ideal for spending time outside in the summer as well.

Merino wool / silk

Merino wool / silk is an exclusive fabric which is designed for those who desire the best. The combination meets the requirements of the most demanding. The combination of wool and silk feels uniquely soft and comfortable to the touch, while also regulating temperature. The fabric is very light, and the soft yarn creates a special feeling of comfort. The fabric made of a blend of Merino wool and silk can be used as base layer in winter as well as in summer. All Merino wool/silk fabric products of Joha consists 15% of silk and 85% of wool. 

Soft felted Merino wool

Our especially soft and enjoyable 100% Merino wool fabric. This is real top quality and an ideal outer layer for spending time outdoors or for using in a baby stroller. No synthetic components! The fabric is 100% made of Merino wool which guarantees supreme quality – the wool will keep you warm but will prevent you from overheating!

All Joha baby clothes pins are nickel-free.

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