KATVIG | Organic Wool Summer Hat TURTLE, mixed white | SS2023

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100% organic merino wool

Double layer

*Limited Collection SS2023*

Useful information

Katvig’s motto: FOR THE LOVE OF EARTH ———————————————————————————————

Katvig is a Danish children’s clothing brand made the right way. From the smallest stitch to the largest fabric roll, every little detail is thought through. It applies to the design and cut, it applies to the materials and it especially applies to protecting the environment. Katvig’s certified clothes meet the sustainability
and quality requirements across the entire production chain, from the growing of materials and dyeing to creating good work conditions for everyone involved. We only use organic cotton and organic wool. For the swim line we use recycled polyester with UV30 protection against the sun.

Katvig’s collection is created with optimism and inspired by nature, joy and freedom. Our quality is unique and the clothes can be washed again and again when a long day at the playground or the finger-paint in art class leave their marks. Children should have the freedom to be children, and we shall give them the best opportunity to express themselves.

5 reasons to choose Katvig:

  • Katvig creates clothes without any harmful chemicals.
  • Katvig’s organic clothes protect nature all the way from field to consumer.
  • Katvig’s clothes are durable and can be washed again and again.
  • Katvig works determined to create a clean fashion industry that doesn’t harm nature, textile workers or the children wearing the clothes.
  • Katvig’s two annual collections make children look fashionable, lovely and natural.
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Additional information

Accessories Sun Hat
Material Organic merino wool
Head 37 cm (0-1 months), 41 cm (1-4 months), 45 cm (4-9 months), 48 cm (9-12 months), 50 cm (1-2 years), 52 cm (3-5 years)