KATVIG | Organic cotton Scarf WILD, Green-White-Orange | SS2023

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100% organic cotton

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Katvig’s motto: FOR THE LOVE OF EARTH ———————————————————————————————

Katvig is a Danish children’s clothing brand made the right way. Clothes bring satisfaction to both the children who wear them and the parents who buy them. The company has considered the entire process from fabric rolls to finished children’s clothing. All production is organized in such a way that it is as environmentally friendly as possible. The quality of Katvig clothing is unique. The clothes are extremely durable and can be washed over and over again. They can also be passed from child to child. The aim of the clothes is to give children freedom of movement and the freedom to develop and play in clothes that last and help save the environment and our future. Of course, children’s clothes must also be comfortable. Katvig children’s clothes are made from organic materials.

5 reasons to choose Katvig:

  • Katvig creates clothes without any harmful chemicals.
  • Katvig’s organic clothes protect nature all the way from field to consumer.
  • Katvig’s clothes are durable and can be washed again and again.
  • Katvig works determined to create a clean fashion industry that doesn’t harm nature, textile workers or the children wearing the clothes.
  • Katvig’s two annual collections make children look fashionable, lovely and natural.

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Accessories Polo Neck
Material Organic cotton
Size Onesize